about us

Vobba, from Swedish, has no translation, but is still a practical and desired reality - the flexibility of working from home to take care of a sick child.

From the consciousness of the importance of these moments, of the desire to be with them when they laugh and fall, in the make-believes and once upon a times, when they scream and sing, in all their jumps and dances, Vobba was born.

Two mothers, two daughters, the same will: to seize the time that insists on disappearing. How? By being practical.

Vobba is practical in it's offer, where unisex takes shape in a mixture of unusual colors and patterns.

Items that move from brother to sister, from cousins to friends. It is time the world stops being divided between blue and pink.

Vobba is practical in the way you use it. With reversible bonnets that have the ability to go with so many different sets and save time between changes. Of clothes, of weather, of shifts.

But most of all, Vobba comes to be practical in the playground, whether in the sun or in between clouds.

Vobba is for those who live outside the door, for whom patterns are only acceptable in fabrics, for those who like to live in the air, even when both feet are on the ground.

If time flies, let's fly with it!

Let them fly.